SmashDC is a clone (not port) of the arcade game SmashTV, with a Megaman twist. Features 4 players at once.

Disc Juggler Image(3.15MB)
Source Code(44KB)

MegamanX: Odyssey
Megaman X Odyssey is my attempt to create a fangame based on the Megaman X series, but with gameplay more akin to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the Metroid series. This being my first real project, it has gone through several rewrites, so there are several version of the engine, and the editing tools, in various states of development. You'll find some of it available for download below.

Windows Build 1(774KB)
Windows Build 1 Source(12KB)
Windows Build 2(1015KB)
Dreamcast Alpha1 Plain Files(74KB)
Dreamcast Alpha1 Disc Juggler Image(83KB)
Dreamcast Alpha2 Plain Files(278KB)
Dreamcast Alpha2 Disc Juggler Image(1.64MB)

Latest engine sources(1.8MB)

Dreamcast Development Tools for BeOS
Here are precompiled development tools for building Dreamcast binaries in BeOS. Built using..
binutils 2.12.1,
gcc 3.0.4,
newlib 1.10.0,
KOS 1.2.0,
dcload 1.0.3,
dcload-ip 1.0.4
Note: BONE is required for dcload-ip.
Download (128Megs)